December 3, 2016

Help! I Need a Manager!

Jojo Brim

I hear these words all the time, especially nowadays. With technology lowering the barrier of entry, there has never been more of a perceived need by artists to be “managed.” But what constitutes a great manager? What should an artist be looking for in a manager? At what point should an artist be looking to engage a manager? Let’s take a walk down the Road to Management…

Compatibility – When searching for a manager, I urge artists to look for compatibility. Do this manager’s core services match up with my needs? As a touring artist, if a management team is strong in the area of touring, but weak in label relationships, it’s up to you to assess your greatest need. Is getting signed what you want most, or is building your touring career your greatest desire?

Access – A great manager can provide access to opportunity that you as an artist might not otherwise have. And if they cant provide the access, they are resourceful and can find their way into the opportunity.

Focus – I cannot say enough about the power of focus. It is imperative that your manager keeps her eye on the ball. Weekly meetings, status reports, regular updates, and strategy and brainstorming sessions are all musts when charting a path for success.

Response-Ability – How does your manager respond—literally, respond—to offers or other executives. Does he return all calls? Are her email replies professional? Does he get back to people in a timely manner? At KWL, we challenge ourselves to get back to all inquiries within 48 hours.

Integrity – A great manager operates on integrity. He will not place you in situations that don’t work with you or work within your strategy. The decisions made are made from a place of clarity and integrity. A powerful manager won’t pimp you out. She will take the best deal for your career—not for her bank account.

Jojo Brim

Senior Manager, KWL Enterprises