December 3, 2016

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Mr Mix and Master Offers Radio Ready Music Mixing and Mastering

Miami, FL – Don’t you wish to have the perfect sound quality as you compose any music? Now get professional quality mixing and mastering to your entire collection of music composition with Your dream is going to come true at the best prices in the market, without compromising quality. Vinny D Engineer has mixed […]

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Music is my Therapy Documentary

TuneCore, an online distribution company known for empowering independent music artists, has teamed up with Chicago music artist Kris Warren and his enterprise, Galaxy Media Group, to help promote content and distribute the soundtrack for Music Is My Therapy: MusicTherapyDocumentary.Com, a powerful documentary that follows a group of dedicated Music Therapists as they use music […]

iStandard Beat Camp NYC 2014

Video: Legendary Kid Capri Interview at iStandard Beat Camp

J Hatch from sits down withe the legendary DJ Kid Capri at the iStandard Beat Camp in NYC on 11/6/14. Kid Capri drops some knowledge about how he got started in the music industry as a young NYC kid. Knowledge is power! Soak it up..and don’t miss the next iStandard Beat Camp!

Coast 2 Coast Convention 2015

Music Conference: Coast 2 Coast Convention 2015

We at NIT are always proud to partner with our Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes family for their annual Coast 2 Coast Convention Music Conference. Now in it’s 7th year running the Coast 2 Coast Convention will feature even better panelists and music industry events! The dates for 2015 have just been announced for September 4th […]


Top 3 Websites for Producer Beat Placements

  These days producers have some great outlets to post their beats online with hopes of major placements with artists as well as special licensing opportunities. Obviously the best way to make it big as a producer would be to network with artists on your own, but with the power of the internet producers can […]


How to Promote a Mixtape (Step by Step Guide)

One of the most common questions we get asked here by artists is how to promote their mixtape. There are a few posts that touch on this subject we have previously published, but we will take the time here to break it down all over again. There are many elements to a successful campaign for […]


Event: Coast 2 Coast Convention 2014 in Miami Labor Day Weekend is a proud sponsor of the 6th Annual Coast 2 Coast Convention 2014 in Miami Florida! Join us for a weekend of panels, showcases, afterparties and the VIP Yacht Cruise throughout Miami! Every year Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes brings together some of the biggest names in the music industry for a weekend of Panels, Showcases, Afterparties […]


Event: Beat Camp Miami Powered by NIT

New Industry Tips is a proud Media Partner for this exclusive event for producers! Join us in Miami 7/18/14 – 7/20/14! iStandard is proud to announce that they have once again have partnered with the SAE Institute, to present our exciting and informative program Beat Camp in 2014– presented by Native Instruments / powered by Monster Energy & XXL Beat Camp is a weekend containing classroom discussions on […]

Prince: he named the song Paisley Park and his label and studio after the LA psychedelic scene.

Top Artists by Vocal Range Through Time

This is an interesting infographic put together by the folks at that measures the vocal ranges for dozens of artists and singers through time. You can tell most of the present day stars are near the bottom of the range chart, with many classic artists falling near the top.  So does vocal range make […]

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Event: iStandard Presents Beat Camp ATL 6/6 – 6/8

iStandard is proud to announce they once again have partnered with the SAE Institute, to present their exciting and informative program Beat Camp in Atlanta, Ga June 6th-8th– presented by Native Instruments / powered by Monster Energy & XXL Beat Camp is a producer/ songwriter oriented weekend containing classroom discussions on branding, management, A&R meeting simulations, networking & relationships, songwriter & producer synergy, sampling, live mixing sessions, etc, and are […]

Instantly convert a song or track to a viral video for instagram or vine

Instantly Create Music Videos for Vine and Instagram

In the ever changing digital landscape of music marketing and promotions it seems as if the fly by night fads dominate a generation of compulsive micro content consumers then fadeout never to be heard from again but there are a few exceptions to the rule. There is no better example of this bite sized but […]

Work For Hire

Ask An Expert: “Work-For-Hire” Agreements

According to the United States Copyright Act [17 USC Sec. 102], an author enjoys copyright protection as soon as he/she “fixes” his/her original work in a “tangible medium of expression” (for example by writing it down or recording it). The same principle applies, however, for independent contractors (artists, back-up musicians, back-up vocalists, etc.) who are […]

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Artists: Do You Need a Manager?

DJ Pain 1 breaks down a very common question that artists are always asking us here at NIT, and the answer may surprise you! So, artists, do you need a manager? Follow Certified Gold Producer DJ Pain 1 at @DJPain1


Hercules DJ CONTROL AIR+ Review

Hercules has asked New Industry Tips to take a look at their new DJ CONTROL AIR+. This full functional yet portable all in one DJ controller offers some interesting features not found on their competitors products. The most obvious distinction from their competition is the infrared sensor found on the top center of the controller. […]


Convert Your MP3 to YouTube Ready Video with @mp3tovideo

With millions of videos uploaded everyday, YouTube is not only a source for videos, but also a very active music community! That is why we here at NIT recommend all indie artists to take advantage of the YouTube platform to upload their tracks, even without a video for the track. Music is being consumed by […]


Get More YouTube Views Free!

YouTube has just launched a new feature for channel owners that allows them to reach targeted fans, for FREE! That’s right, YouTube wants to help you build your audience by delivering your ad to targeted users that may be interested in your content.  So take advantage now of the new YouTube FanFinder system to get […]


So you can rap…now what?

In today’s music industry, being a good rapper doesn’t mean much. There are thousands (if not more) artists who can rap, but what separates the ones that have a career in music and the ones that do it for a hobby? Quality music and work ethic is the answer to that question. The most common […]


5 Artist Tips To Perform Like A Star

After being on tour for the past few years and seeing thousands of independent and major artists performing, I have picked up a few pointers for artists to take heed of when performing at a live show. The execution of an artists show set is very important and can be the main factor between being […]

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